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Landlords British Columbia: How To Rent to Good Tenants

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 Serial Bad Tenants Force B.C. Landlords To Lose Thousands, Miss Mortgage Payments

Serial Bad Tenants Force B.C. Landlords To Lose Thousands, Miss Mortgage Payments

We’ve written before on the fact Kelowna landlords know the importance of good tenant screening.

There are a lot of good tenants out there.

Unfortunately there are also some tenants who know how to play the BC Residential Tenancy Branch and live rent free for months at a time.

Bad Tenants Who are Serial Abusers of the System

A report at the British Columbia Landlords site is important reading for all B.C. landlords.

It’s commentary on a story from CBC News about a couple who are “serial” bad tenants who jump from one rental property to another not paying rent.

Landlords Are Out Thousands of Dollars

According to the CBC News video two tenants have lived in five different rental properties over the past couple of years without paying rent.

Their last landlord is, Kim Gouws, is out over $5000.

Another former landlord of this couple lost over $7000 in non-paid rent.

Another of their former landlords was Noel Beaulieu. He said that during the eviction process the tenants were always one step ahead of him.

According to Beaulieu the non-paying tenants knew every aspect of how to play with the rules from the Residential Tenancy Branch. 

He explained how they even anticipated everything he was doing to attempt to evict them out of his rental property.

Tenant Screening and Credit Checks

One common theme of the five landlords who all didn’t receive any rent from these pro tenants is their lack of good tenant screening.

None of them did a landlord credit check on their tenants.

These days you cannot trust a potential tenant on their words alone.  It’s not only Ontario landlords who face bad tenants these days.

As property prices rise, more people are renting and that means more people are learning the rules and how to manipulate rental laws.

Even Alberta landlords are facing professional tenants and doing very careful tenant screening.

Protect Yourself and Your Rental Business

Fortunately, the B.C. Landlords Association offers members the highest quality credit checks out there for a very affordable price.

Unlike Landlord BC and other organizations who demand you pay an annual fee, the B.C. Landlords Association only charges a one-time fee to join and get access to all their amazing services!

Make sure rent to good tenants and protect yourself from the pro’s.

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