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Kelowna Landlords& Okanagan Landlords: Tenant Credit Checks

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 Kelowna landlords tenant credit checks

Welcome to our second post for Kelowna landlords.

Our site also wants to reach out to landlords in Vernon and landlord in our area.

We have heard from hundreds of landlords looking for news, tips and advice in the Okanagan area.

We Live In a Great Area With Huge Opportunities

With the natural beauty and economic development of our area more and more people from across Canada and around the world our choosing cities such as Kelowna and Vernon as their homes.

This means more tenants and is a great opportunity for landlords here.

Of course places like Surrey are also growing and Surrey landlords are happy. 

It’s just creating a bigger pie for all landlords and real estate investors.

More people wanting to come here and ‘set up shop’ and call our area a home is good news for landlords.

Lots of good tenants are coming.

Some Tenants Coming Aren’t So Good

It’s important for Okanagan landlords in Kelowna, Vernon and every else in the area realize that while most tenants are you rent to will be terrific there are some bad apples out there as well.

Lots of Example of Bad Tenants

It’s important for landlords to protect ourselves.

The British Columbia landlord and tenant system isn’t perfect

It’s far from perfect!

And all those bad tenant stories we hear from Ontario landlords are coming here.

A clever and savvy bad tenant can easily live months free under our current system.

And do thousands of dollars of damages.

Warning, Warning, Warning

Recently a Victoria landlord rented out to tenants based on her sympathy.

You see, the family advertised on Craigslist and said they were a young and nice family who were vicitms of a ‘bad landlord.’

They needed a place to move in to, and fast.

The landlady met them and was impressed!

The provided her with a ‘work reference’. She called and the person on the phone said they would be amazing tenants.

She rented to them.

1, After they moved in their rent cheque bounced.

2. The employment reference cut their telephone lines.

3. Four months of free rent later, the landlord finally evicted them.

4. The landlord was out over $20,000!

How Can You Protect Yourself and Find Good Tenants?

Landlords need to ‘screen’ tenants carefully.

Credit Checks

It’s absolutely essential landlords do a credit check before renting to anyone!

A credit check will give you important details on your potential tenant.

Low Cost/High Quality Tenant Credit Checks are Now Available for British Columbia Landlords

Every landlord wants to find the ideal tenant — the person who always pays rent on time, never disturbs others, doesn’t complain or cause conflicts and keeps the premises in better condition than when he or she moved in.

Join the BC Landlords Association and EMPOWER YOUR RENTAL BUSINESS and find great tenants!

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